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About Us

In the 14 years that Louisville Sign Company has been in business we have grown from a one man show to a staff of ten. We have attracted local individuals who collectively have over 150 years of experience to our organization because of our reputation for professionalism and quality. With all of that knowledge and experience, we can offer each of our customers their own unique identity that they can display with pride for many years to come.

Each technician in our company has 20+ years of experience in the sign industry, and are all licensed electricians. Whether it is a signage issue, building lighting or parking lot lighting we have the team that can get the job done and done right the first time.

We have a fleet of equipment that can reach almost all signage. Currently we have an 85’ crane, 57’ and 62’ crane/ladder truck and one 55’ ladder truck. We also provide crane rental for those companies in need of equipment that can lift heavy objects to the top of buildings.

Staff Bios

Below is a brief bio on a few key people you may talk to when you contact our company for assistance with any of your signage needs.

Rick Bradshaw, President and CEO of Louisville Sign Company. Worked for a nationally known sign company for 17 years before starting his own business over a decade ago. Federal Sign Company employed Rick while they were located in Louisville. Once they closed their Louisville operation, Rick saw an opportunity to start his own business using everything he learned during his tenure there. In fact Federal Sign Company (Now located in Daytona, Florida) is so impressed with his work that they use Louisville Sign Company for all of their signage needs in the area.

Mike Mullett is the key person in our organization for day to day operations. Whether it be designing signs for our customers, working on all of our vinyl projects, selling new jobs or assisting other sign companies who call for help in our area; he is instrumental in making this organization run smoothly. His extensive knowledge of the sign industry makes him an invaluable asset to us and to our customers. As a customer, you will find him knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with.

Debbie Brent
has almost 30 years experience in the sign industry. She is very familiar with local sign regulations and can assist customers with the legalities involved in using signage at their location. She meets with our customers to find their needs; works with local code enforcement to permit all signs, provides her expertise when designing a sign and coordinates the customer’s job from start to finish. Her years of knowledge and experience are essential to anyone needing help with a sign project.

Mike Reynolds is only one of our journey man service/install crew. He has 36 years of experience and knowledge in this industry. Mike is very well rounded with technical abilities as well as managerial skills. His resume lists many areas of expertise within the sign industry. You can rest assure when Mike is on the job; it will be done with professionalism and a thoroughness not normally seen in this field. All of our journeyman service/install staff are licensed electricians therefore they are knowledgeable of the electrical code requirements imperative when working with electricity.

As you can see we are a group of individuals who know the best way to advertise your business through signage. We can provide you with ideas for a sign or transform your idea for a sign into reality. Our quality is unsurpassed in the industry and we stand behind everything we manufacture. Knowledge is power and we have the knowledge. Let us help you.